Better backs

Occupational ill health and injury accounts for millions working days lost with
back pain alone accounting for more than 10%. The effects on those business and
individuals is almost incalculable. Its not only impacting on business' profits
its affecting productivity and stopping employees' enjoying their social life.
Everyone needs to take responsibility for tackling this issue - and by taking
simple, sensible precautions in work and at home we can collectively work to
reduce the misery of back pain.

In an campaign starting next week the British Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
offers concise, practical tips on how to avoid back-related injuries in the
workplace to both businesses and employees.

The website offers information on:

  • What is back pain and how is it caused.
  • Prevention is better than cure. Learn how to avoid hurting your back at work.
  • A simple list of do's and don'ts to help you on the road to recovery.
  • Everyone needs to know how to protect their backs at work. Learn how.
  • Practical information about managing back pain in the workplace and some
    useful resources to help you get started. 

The financial impact of back pain is enormous so HSE' message to everyone is
clear - A bad back could cost you more than you think.

"There is a misconception that preventative health and safety initiatives are
costly and difficult to implement, but in fact many are extremely cost
effective and will save businesses from losing revenue through staff
absenteeism, as well as increasing productivity," says the British Work and
Pensions Minister.

Further Information

AplusA-online.de - Source: Health and Safety Executive (HSE)