Better health and safety protection for the self-employed

Proposal for a Council recommendation concerning the application of legislation
governing health and safety at work to self-employed workers
EU Parliament adopted a resolution calling for better protection for the health
and safety of self-employed people. The self-employed are rarely covered by
Community legislation on health and safety at work. The Commission is therefore
putting forward a recommendation calling on Member States to take voluntary
measures to improve the situation of this section of the labour force.

MEPs believe there should be no discrimination within a company between
employees and the self-employed as regards health and safety. They also stress
the need to carry out information campaigns on specific risks in industries
such as fisheries and transport, where the number of self-employed is extremely
high. Furthermore, to monitor developments in the situation of the
self-employed, the Member States should devise appropriate, comparable
indicators such as accident rates for self-employed workers by sector and by
gender. Since the recommendation is not binding upon the Member States,
Parliament is calling on the Commission to propose compulsory measures if the
steps taken by national governments do not lead to an adequate standard of
protection after four years.

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