Weldas Europe B.V.

Bison leather gloves

Now that Bisons are raised for flesh consumption Weldas is able to
introduce 3 types of new gloves made of Bison leather. With Bison leather
the user does not have to sacrifice comfort for durability or protection.
Weldas has discovered that North American Bison hides are tougher than
cowhide and offering a better tear and abrasion resistance. This better
tear and abrasion resistance can be found back also in the test reports
from TÜV Germany who, like all other Weldas personal protection
products, did the test for the applicable European norm on these
products: the EN12477 for the 2 models welding gloves and the EN 388
for the driver model glove. Also the fit of the glove is better than deerskin
which was considered the best on this subject. Heat and flame resistance
is better than practically any other leather which gives better result
against leather hardening as well as leather cracking.
The applied Bison leather, which is considered to be Chromium free since
the Chromium is less than 2 mg per Kg leather, is better for the users
health but also for the environment. Another reason why it is better for
the environment is that the leather is coloured by using a natural
colouring process, like all other leathers which Weldas is using for their
Whether it is welding, cutting or material handling:
Weldas ThunderingBison gloves helps the user beat the toughest industrial