Business Benefits of Health and Safety

The British Health and Safety Executive (HSE) earlier this month launched new
pages on its website featuring three new case studies that illustrate the
business benefits of managing health and safety effectively.

Effective health and safety management clearly helps reduce the unacceptable
toll of suffering that accidents and ill-health bring. The case studies show
that there are also good business reasons for organisations to improve their
management of health and safety. The benefits seen by the companies in the case
studies include increased productivity, lower insurance costs, less
absenteeism, better staff retention and morale, improved reputation and reduced
liability claims.

One of the key themes in the Health and Safety Commission's (HSC) Strategy for
workplace safety is helping people to benefit from effective health and safety
management within a sensible health and safety culture. The Strategy recognises
the need for HSE to do more to make health and safety and its benefits more
widely understood and accepted, and to demonstrate the moral, business and
economic cases for health and safety. One of the ways HSE is trying to achieve
these aims is by providing practical information, including the case studies,
on its new web pages.

Jonathan Rees, HSE Deputy Director General, said:

"Sensible health and safety management is a key part of effective business
management. These case studies highlight the vital contribution that such an
approach can have on the performance of businesses as well as on employees'
welfare: a true win win.

"The case studies give practical examples of the benefits of effective health
and safety management that real businesses have seen. I hope they will
encourage others to learn from the experience of these businesses. I am
grateful to those organisations that worked with us to make these case studies
possible. I want to be able to publish a much wider range ­ if organisations
want to share their experiences, they should email us on

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