CAPTIV: Analysis of Activity, Movement and Behaviour

CAPTIV is a data acquisition system developed by FMA in cooperation with
the INRS (French National Research and Safety Institute for the prevention
of occupational accidents and diseases).

This innovative and unique system is dedicated to the analysis of activity,
movement and behaviour.
It has many applications in the fields of ergonomics, occupational safety,
sports, rehabilitation, biomechanics, etc.
CAPTIV is, to date, the only existing turnkey system of its kind for "on
the field" data collection, processing and analysis.

CAPTIV enables and combines in a synchronised manner (see attached ..pdf
- the recording of digital video images (the subject is filmed while
performing his/her activities),
- the real-time acquisition, via dedicated telemetry, of data from physical
sensors set in the work environment (noise, dust, temperature, ...) and/or
physiological sensors placed on the subject (ECG, limbs angulation,
- the coding of behavioural observations from video sequences or direct
visual observations, thus providing the professional user with accurate and immediately processable data displayed whether in charts, graphs, statistics, together
with the related synchronised video sequences and images.

CAPTIV is a "toolbox" which enables among others :
- to study and analyse the work/activity hardness, for prevention purposes
or the recommendation of corrective actions,
- to highlight hazardous situations for the subject (risk of
musculoskeletal disorders, back pains, ...),
- to perform detailed analysis of activity sequences, with identification
and quantification of repetitive actions, their duration, etc.,
- to carry out the analysis of workstations, or the prototyping of new
- to constitute the traceability in order to make comparisons before/after,
etc for a given activity,
- to set up a database of recommended gestures for a given activity in
order to carry out training sessions,...
- ...

CAPTIV is a truly open system :
- open to most sensors that can be found on the market,
- open to data recorded with other equipment in a variety of formats,
- all CAPTIV files, tables & graphs can be exported.

CAPTIV end-users are active in the fields of :
- health, safety and prevention,
- occupational safety,
- ergonomics,
- biomechanics,a
- sports medicine & training assessment,
- rehabilitation,
- research,
- education,
- movement, activity and behaviour analysis,