CI-conform weather protection clothing for industry: E.ON clothing made by TEXPORT

E.ON Weather Protection Clothing by TEXPORT

TEXPORT® is manufacturer of functional garment in the areas of Workwear, Firewear and Public Authorities and presents at the A+A 2009 its new clothing-concept for utility companies.

E.ON – the example
The big European utility company E.ON could already be convinced 2008 of this concept: The whole E.ON weather protection clothing is made by TEXPORT®. According to the different working conditions, under which E.ON employees are working, three different models (each jacket and trousers) have been designed and manufactured especially for E.ON:

1. General Weather Protection Clothing (E.ON weather Protection Image)
2. Extra comfortable Softshell Clothing (E.ON Soft Shell Image)
3. Protective Clothing for dangerous working areas (E.ON Weather Protection Plus, E.ON Soft Shell Plus). This closing corresponds to compulsory standards for the working with electricity or gas, and the work areas with danger of heat, flames or accidental arcing.

Functionality, design and protection
All models are characterized by high functionality and modern design. In its own developing department, where protective requirements as well as CI-conform standards and wishes concerning the correct fit are elaborated, TEXPORT® is realizing individual customer requirements.
Only high quality material is manufactured, for example from GORE.

TEXPORT® executive director Otmar Schneider: “The concept used for E.ON is also optimal for other companies working with energy or gas. It is not only important to pay attention to clothing with a uniform and modern design, but above all to ensure the best possible protection of the employees.”