COTRAL Hearing Protectors

COTRAL INTERNATIONAL manufactures and markets a line of custom hearing protectors designed for the work environment, more particularly for companies with more than fifty employees working in a noisy environment (greater than 85 dB).

Custom-made from an ear impression, the COTRAL PREMIUMT and COTRAL ULTRA MINIT lines are developed in France by prosthetic technicians with experience in the most innovative techniques and materials TO PROVIDE YOU WITH 4 BENEFITS:

COMFORT: The quality of the impressions (made by prevention technicians), 12 years of manufacturing know-how, a supple and resistant material (non-allergenic medical silicon) ensure a perfect fit to the morphology of each of your users.

COMMUNICATION: 8 severely selected acoustic filters enable you to communicate easily in a noisy environment and to achieve optimum noise attenuation (16 to 45 dBA of attenuation depending on the frequencies).

EASE OF USE: Ergonomic handles, a removable cord, clip-tweezers, a washable
dust-proof and shock-proof storage container all facilitate the user's life whatever his or her environment and movement.

HYGIENE: Worn daily for maximum comfort and effective communication, your hearing protectors require daily cleaning in soap and water and weekly aseptic cleaning with CleanilT effervescent tablets.