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CR:800B Series Sound Level Meters

CR:822B Sound Level Meter

The CR:800B is a range of high performance Integrating Averaging Sound Level Meters that provide the functions and features demanded by modern measurement standards & guidelines. The CR:800B is an Integrating Sound Level Meter with all of the measurements required by the Noise at Work Regulations, as well as for general noise assessments and surveys. The CR:800B can also be used with an outdoor measurement kit for Environmental noise measurements.

In addition to the Broadband measurement provided by the basic instrument, the CR:800B can be upgraded to incorporate 1:1 and 1:3 Octave Band filters, allowing the CR:800B to be used in a wider range of noise measurement and control applications. The menu-driven operation allows quick access to the commonly used functions, while allowing more complex operations to be used when required.

The CR:800B is the ideal instrument for:

- Workplace & Industrial Noise Measurements
- Noise Control
- Hearing Defender Selection
- Product Design, Development & Quality Control
- Environmental Noise Monitoring

The measurement options and functions provided by the CR:800B have been selected to allow the instrument to be used in a wide variety of applications.

All Noise at Work regulations require the assessment of the potential risk of hearing damage to employees, and the CR:800B Series provide the essential parameters needed to comply with these measurement standards and guidelines, such as Leq, LEP,d (LEX8h) and LCPeak.

Where levels are beyond the limits set by Noise at Work regulations, the provision of effective noise control measures and hearing protection is often required.

All of the CR:800B Series, with the exception of the basic CR:811B and CR:812B units, can provide 1:1 Octave Band measurements, allowing the instrument to be used to determine the frequency content of the noise, and therefore to assist in the provision of a cost-effective solution. The Deaf Defier3 software includes a database of defender products (PPE) which are used to provide a quick and reliable solution to the selection of appropriate protection.

The CR:800B Series are ideal for compliance with the E.U. Physical Agents (Noise) Directive.

As well as the basic Leq, LCPeak, Lmax & Lmin functions, the CR:800B also calculates 5 Ln values such as L10, L50 and L90. The additional information can be used to assess the environmental impact of an operation or location.