Carhartt B.V. (EMEA)

Carhartt Collection 2011

"Established in 1889, Carhartt is a global brand with a rich heritage of developing rugged apparel for workers on and off the job. Expanding the line from the traditional workwear and outerwear pieces, Carhartt now offers a complete product line for warm and cold weather alike that includes jeans and work pants, shirts, sweats, shorts, tee's and accessories for both men and women.

More than a century ago, Carhartt revolutionized the construction of premium workwear with the toughest materials available: denim and brown duck fabric. This season Carhartt brings its rugged-as-all-outdoors construction to everything from moisture-wicking T-shirts and quality outerwear, to socks and hats.

As new generations keep discovering this legendary brand, Carhartt continues setting the standard for comfort and durability both on and off the job.

The highlights of the Fall and Winter 2011 season are our "1889 series", designed with vintage sensibility for a modern world.
Also new to our European collection this year, accessories such as socks and belts take their influence from the clothing, complementing the range.

The range has grown, but the quality and attention to detail remain the same.

Whether you are looking for a garment in our signature brown duck fabric or one of our innovative, technically advanced fabrics like Waterproof Breathable, you will always find a variety of features such as premium fabrics, rugged construction, and comfortable fit are just some of the hallmarks of Carhartt that will fit your needs even in the toughest conditions.