Checklist: Construction safety

Stevenspublishing has published a checklist on construction safety. The
checklist features safety reminders regarding safety net systems; personal fall
arrest systems; guardrail systems, canopies and covers; and scaffolding, as
they relate to construction. The checklist is intended to help raise awareness
of potential problem.

Safety net systems

- Are safety nets installed as close as practicable but no more than 30 feet
below the walking/working surface?

- Are safety nets extended beyond the edges of the walking/working surfaces 8
feet to 13 feet, depending upon the potential fall distance?

- Is the potential fall area from the walking/working surfaces on bridges to nets

- Is a certification record available stating that a competent person has
inspected untested nets?

Personal fall arrest systems

- Is the PFAS used to prevent falls from heights above 6 feet?

- Was the PFAS designed and installed by a qualified person to maintain a safety
factor of two?

- Will the PFAS limit the maximum arresting forces imposed on an employee wearing
a body harness to 1,800 pounds?

- Is the PFAS rigged in such a manner that an employee can neither free fall more
than 6 feet nor contact any lower level?

Guardrail systems, canopies and covers

- On walking/working surfaces 6 feet or more in height, are guardrail systems
used to prevent falls from unprotected sides, edges, holes, remote excavations
and wall openings?

- Are the top edge heights of guardrail systems members 42 inches, plus or minus
3 inches, above the walking/working surface?

- Are wire rope guardrail systems more than one-fourth inches in diameter or
greater and flagged at 6 foot intervals?

- Are canopies, screens or toeboards installed to prevent falling objects?

- Are labeled covers secured over holes?


- Is the footing of the scaffold sound, rigid and capable of carrying four times
the maximum intended load?

- Is the scaffold erected under the supervision of someone competent in scaffold

- Are guardrails provided on scaffolds more than 10 feet above the ground?

- Are heavy loads placed over or near the bearers and not in the center of the

- Is planking of sufficient stress grade or scaffold grade timber?

- Is planking of platforms overlapped not less than 6 inches or more than 12
inches or secured from movement?

- Where people work under scaffold, is a one-half inch screen provided between
toeboard and guardrail?

- Are poles, legs or uprights of scaffolds plumb and securely braced to prevent
swaying and displacement?

- Are defective parts on scaffold immediately replaced or repaired?

- Are guardrails and toeboards installed on all open sides and ends of scaffold

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