Checklist: Foot protection

Workplace hazards can contribute to or cause a wide range of foot problems and
injuries, from simple fatigue and athlete's foot to serious burns, punctures
and amputations. Fortunately, the majority of these problems are preventable.

The following checklist may help you evaluate your company's foot protection

- Does a written foot protection program include footwear and working

- Does it require the reporting of injuries?

- Are program elements enforced and reviewed on a regular basis?

- Is the foot protection selection based upon a documented hazard

- Is there a policy stating defective or damaged foot protection must not
be used and must be removed from service?

- Is disciplinary action used when employees do not adhere to the p

- Is training complete and documented for all employees?
- Are all exposed employees wearing protective footwear when necessary?

- Are all foot protection items maintained according to the
manufacturer's recommendations?

- Do employees know how to report damaged footwear when it is provided by
the company?

- Are employees instructed on the types of hazards that may cause foot
injuries and on preventative measures?

- Is there a reporting procedure in place for footwear evaluation and

- Are scrap, debris and waste stored safely and removed from the work
site properly?

- Are aisles and passageways kept clear from tripping hazards?

- Are wet surfaces covered with nonslip materials?

- Are changes of direction or elevation readily identifiable?
- Are aisles or walkways near moving or operating machinery, welding
operations or similar operations arranged so employees will not be subjected to
potential hazards?

- Are step risers on stairs uniform from top to bottom?

- Are steps on stairs and stairways designed or provided with a surface
that renders them slip resistant?

- Where the ground or surface is wet underfoot, do employees wear
impervious boots, shoes, rubbers or other appropriate shoes?

- Is waterproof footgear provided, or are dry places provided, for
standing during wet processes?

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