Checklist: Hand Tool and Equipment Safety

Hammer injuries don't grab headlines, but that doesn't mean simple hand tools
should be taken for granted. Files, chisels, axes and hammers, as well as other
nonpowered hand tools, can cause serious injury if they are not maintained well
and used correctly. The following checklist may help you identify hand-tool
hazards you need to address.

- Are all tools and equipment (both company- and employee-owned) in good working

- When hand tools such as chisels or punches develop mushroomed heads, are they
reconditioned or replaced as necessary?

- Are broken or fractured handles on hammers, axes or similar equipment replaced

- Are appropriate handles used on files and similar tools?

- Are appropriate safety glasses, face shields and similar equipment used while
using hand tools or equipment which might product flying materials or be
subject to breakage?

- Are jacks checked periodically to assure that they are in good operating

- Are tool handles wedged tightly in the head of all tools?

- Are tool-cutting edges kept sharp so the tool will move smoothly without
binding or skipping?

- Are eye and face protection used when driving hardened or tempered tools, bits
or nails?

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