Checklist: Waste reduction and reuse in the office

Cutting down on waste by reducing and reusing not only helps the environment;
it also improves your bottom line and can increase the overall efficiency of
your business. Here are some approaches to cutting down on waste courtesy of
the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.


  • Use both sides whenever possible and make double-sided copies.
  • Keep one-sided scrap paper for draft copies, informal notes or scratch
  • Edit documents on the computer rather than printing draft copies.
  • Update mailing lists regularly to reduce waste mail.
  • Use sticky notes or reusable transparencies to send faxes, instead of a
    full-page cover sheet.

Supplies and equipment

  • Set up a storage/exchange area for reusable office supplies such as
    envelopes, file folders, binders, shipping boxes and packing material.
  • Rent, borrow or share equipment you use infrequently.
  • Purchase rechargeable batteries for employees' use in beepers, flashlights,
    calculators, etc.
  • Use a cloth-towel dispenser or hot-air dryer in the restroom.
  • For the kitchen area and catered events, use washable utensils, tableware
    and napkins; avoid disposable products such as paper towels and single-serving
    creamers and sugars.

Reusable mugs

  • If your office is large enough to have its own cafeteria, start a
    reusable mug program.
  • Give a discount on beverages if employees use their own mug.
  • Choose coffee vending machines that are for mugs as well as disposable

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