CleanerSolutions On-Line Tool for Solvent Substitution in Surface Cleaning

A simple, single solution for solvent substitution for surface cleaning is hard
to come by. In attempt to address this issue, the US-American Surface Solution
Laboratory (SSL) has created a database linking performance evaluations to
specific testing parameters and environmental assessments based on the testing
performed at the lab.

SSL was designed with the capability to evaluate the effectiveness of different
cleaning chemistries and equipment for a variety of substrates and
contaminants. The goal of SSL is to assist industry in the search for safer
cleaning processes by developing and promoting safer alternatives to hazardous
solvents with a special focus on aqueous/semi-aqueous cleaners and
state-of-the-art surface cleanliness analyses.

From the testing performed at SSL, a wealth of data has been accumulated on the
performances of industrial cleaning products. In order to use this information
effectively, the CleanerSolutions Database was created so that access to this
resource would be easy and quick. This web-based interface to the
CleanerSolutions Database is field-searchable by surface contaminants, surface
substrates, cleaning equipment, solvents replaced and vendor product data.

In keeping with the objective of the Lab to develop and promote
environmentally-friendlier, safer alternatives to hazardous solvents, the
determination of a chemical's potential risk is based on the following
environmental indicators: global warming potential, ozone depletion potential,
volatile organic content, flammability/reactivity and toxicity/carcinogenicity.
Specifically, the environmental scoring is based on the values for GWP, ODP,
VOC, NFPA (or HMIS) and pH. Each alternative product receives a Safety Score
based on 50 points, 10 point maximum for each parameter listed. Higher scoring
products have the potential of being safer alternatives.

The CleanerSolutions Database is designed to provide the user with many search
methods. These methods are separated into two main areas: Lab Clients &
Testing; Vendor Supplied Information. The first section yields search results
based on laboratory testing for specific client situations. The Vendor section
will let users search and browse information supplied by over 100 product
vendors. Vendor information may not have been independently tested by SSL.

Cleaning varies from case to case. The SSL recommends process specific and
pilot testing on potential replacement cleaning chemicals.

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