Coaching Skills for On-the-Job Trainers

On-the-job training is a common means of training or retraining workers and the
practice may seem simple and straightforward. Doing it effectively however
requires more thought and preparation than simply having someone follow an
experienced worker around and watch what they're doing.

Over the years, various techniques and practices have evolved that pass on the
skills and knowledge of a trainer or coach in a manner that leads an
inexperienced trainee to really absorb the information being taught. On-the-job
training thus becomes less a haphazard show-and-tell and more a real transfer
of information.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have published a document
that describes how to develop or manage an on-the-job training program so that
information is passed on from trainer/coach to trainee efficiently and
effectively. By efficient is meant the best use of time and resources of all
those involved in the training process, and by effective is meant that the
trainee truly learns the skills and internalizes the knowledge needed to
perform the job well.

The first part of the document discusses topics to think about when developing
a formal on-the-job training program. A structure based on coaching is
suggested. Then a workshop designed to prepare trainers as coaches is
described. Workshop materials include an instructor's guide and trainee
workbook. These materials can be used to train coaches and to assist trainees
as they go through the learning process. Content related to specific jobs can
be added to these materials to create targeted on-the job-training manuals.

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AplusA-online.de - Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention