Code of Practice on Violence and Stress at Work in the Service Sector

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) discusses a draft code of practice
addressing violence and stress in service sectors. It is based on an analysis
of the extent, nature and causes of violence and stress in public and private
services, and of the potential inter-relationship between violence and stress.

It identifies the roles and responsibilities of Governments, employers’ and
workers’ organizations, and the public, customers and clients. Through the
processes of identification, recognition, assessment, recording and
notification of violence and stress in services sectors, the code lays the
foundations for risk assessment, prevention, reduction, management and coping
strategies to address these problems.

It concludes with an emphasis on the development of policy on occupational violence and stress in services sectors,
through dialogue and cooperation between the social partners, training,
continuous improvement, and joint assessment, monitoring and evaluation of
workplace policies and practices.

The appendices to the Code include a bibliography, a selection of published guidelines on violence and stress, a
listing of relevant legal sources and a glossary of additional terms.

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