Common principles on flexicurity

Common principles on flexicurity were agreed by EU Employment and Social
Affairs Ministers last month.

Vladimir Spidla, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal
Opportunities, welcomed the agreement on flexicurity but expressed his
disappointment that Member States were unable to reach a deal on working time
and temporary agency workers.

The flexicurity common principles are based on four components:

  • Effective labour market policies

  • Flexible and reliable contractual arrangements

  • Comprehensive lifelong learning strategies

  • Modern and adequate social protection systems

Member States are invited to implement this flexicurity approach at national
level and to report to the Commission as part of the new Lisbon Strategy cycle.

Other issues discussed at the 5 December Employment and Social Affairs Council

  • Supplementary pension rights

  • Social Services of General Interest

  • Follow-up to the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All

  • Future prospects for the European Employment Strategy

  • Active inclusion of people furthest from the labour market

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