Competent Persons on Excavation

The trenching hazards are known to everybody in the field of excavation.
Nevertheless we do still find many trenches with no cave-in protection although
the means to correct the problem is so easy. Unfortunately, sometimes people
are willing to take chances. But: there really aren't any excuses for not
providing cave-in protection.

An excavation checklist may help the competent person who will make daily
inspections of excavations, the adjacent areas and protective systems for
evidence of a situation that could result in possible cave-ins as well as
indications of failure of protective systems, hazardous atmospheres or other
hazardous conditions.

The designated competent person should have and be able to demonstrate the

1. Training, experience and knowledge of:

- Soil analysis.

- Use of protective systems.

2. Ability to detect:

- Conditions that could result in cave-ins.

- Failures in protective systems.

- Hazardous atmospheres.

- Other hazards including those associated with confined spaces.

3. Authority to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate existing and
predictable hazards and to stop work when required.

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