Confined Space

They're not designed to be occupied! How to work safely in the permit-required
confined space" titles a new publication by the the US-american Oregon
Occupational Safety and Health Division.

The guide focuses on confined spaces that may contain life-threatening hazards
- permit-required confined spaces, or permit spaces - and answers the following

  • What is a permit space and how can I identify one?
  • What is the permit-required confined-space standard for general industry,
    and why is it important?
  • What do I need to know to work safely in a permit space?
  • What is a permit-space program, and do I need one for my workplace?

You'll find a generic permit-space program that you can use as a model for your
own program, along with other information about permit spaces.

Furthermore the guide focuses on:

  • Identify the permit spaces at your workplace
  • Common atmospheric hazards
  • Identify the hazards in the spaces
  • Common non-atmospheric hazards
  • Decide if employees will enter a permit space
  • What to do before workers enter a permit space
  • Eliminate or control the hazards in the space
  • Options for eliminating and controlling hazards in permit spaces, continued
  • Establish entry procedures

Further Information

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