Confined space entry regularly claims lives

Ignored, poorly understood or just regarded as remote, the risks presented by
entering confined spaces are too often not being properly managed. Therefore
confined spaces continue to claim lives in workplace accidents.

The best rule szill is: Avoid entry if possible. Regulations require employers
to first try to avoid the need to enter a confined space. Where this is not
possible, they must:

  • carry out an assessment of the risks associated with entering a confined
    space and draw up a safe system of work;

  • limit entry to the confined space to employees who are competent for confined
    space work and who have received suitable training;

  • verify, prior to entry, that the atmosphere in the confined space is safe to

  • provide any necessary ventilation; and

  • make sure suitable rescue arrangements are in place before anyone goes in to
    the confined space. These rescue arrangements should not involve risks to the
    safety of the people intended to carry out the rescue.

The British Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provides a range of free leaflets
providing advice and guidance on:

  • Safe Working in Confined Spaces

  • Managing confined spaces on farms

  • Working safely with solvents - A guide to safe working practices

  • Docks

  • Sewage industry

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