Construction Site Housekeeping

To prevent accidents it is critical to keep a construction site clean and clear
of debris. A checklist compiled by a former technical editor of "Occupational
Health & Safety" informs about the problems and helps to maintain a clean site.
However it doesn’t substitute a comprehensive safety program.

- Are the premises kept clear of all kinds of refuse and process waste?

- Is there an identified perimeter to the property that is clearly
identified, and is public traffic/entrance to the site prohibited (where

- Are waste and excess debris or scrap swept up and removed from the
premises at least daily?

- Are areas in and around the building site kept free from accumulated
packing materials, such as empty wooden crates, straw, plastic products, paper,

- Are appropriate metal bins (or Dumpsters with lids for some items)
provided for readily combustible waste materials, such as oily rags?

- Are storage places accessible to firefighters?

- Are there clear spaces around stacks of stored materials and adequate
gangways between them?

- If a sprinkler system is installed, are stacks of material arranged so
they do not impede the effective operation of the sprinklers?

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