Corporate Social Responsibility for SMEs

Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR) is a complex-sounding term for what is
in fact a relatively simple idea. In the European Commission the working
definition of CSR is: "a concept whereby companies integrate social and
environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interactions
with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis."

Following a year-long campaign promoting corporate social responsibility (or
CSR) amongst small and medium-sized enterprises, the Directorate-General for
Enterprise and Industry is holding a high-level event on 14 June: CSR ­
Competitive, Small, Responsible (How Europe's SMEs are changing the face of
responsible business). This follows the agenda: CSR - Not just for big business.

Many SMEs already implement CSR activities without being familiar with the
official CSR concept or without publicising what they do. It is the
Commission's aim during this campaign to support these activities. This
campaign is being implemented by EUROCHAMBRES and UEAPME (Union Européenne de
l'Artisanat et des Petites and Moyennes Entreprises). It has involved 65 events
all across the EU, at which over 150 different SMEs have presented their CSR
practices and experiences. A special CSR-for-SMEs toolkit has been produced,
which is available in 23 different languages from the campaign website.

Vice-President Günter Verheugen will make the opening address at this
conference. He will be joined by a number of SMEs, as well as by MEPs Philip
Bushill-Matthews and Richard Howitt, and new Commission SME Envoy, Maive Rute.
Discussion will be moderated by David Grayson, renowned expert in the field of
CSR and SMEs.

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