Corporate responsibility - new case studies

Corporate responsibility covers a wide range of issues, including the effects
that an organisation's business has on the environment, human rights and third
world poverty. Health and safety in the workplace is an important Corporate
responsibility issue.

Last week, the British Health and Safety Executive (HSE) unveiled a series of
case studies that demonstrate the vital role that director leadership has to
play in ensuring that risks to health and safety are properly managed. The case
studies highlight the benefits that director leadership brings both to the
health and safety of the employees and to the business.

The case studies are drawn from public, private and voluntary sector
organisations across a number of industries including construction, education,
finance, food production, health services, leisure, local government and

Corporate responsibility has various definitions. However, broadly speaking it
covers the ways in which organisations manage their core business to add
social, environmental and economic value in order to produce a positive,
sustainable impact for both society and for the business itself. Terms such as
'corporate social responsibility', 'socially responsible business', and
'corporate citizenship' all refer to this concept.

HSE's mission is to ensure that the risks to health and safety of workers are
properly controlled. In terms of Corporate responsibility, HSE is working to
encourage organisations to:

  • improve management systems to reduce injuries and ill health;
  • demonstrate the importance of health and safety issues at board level;
  • report publicly on health and safety issues within their organisation,
    including - their performance against targets.

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