Martor KG

Cutters made of a NEW Metal Detector-Responding Plastic Material

Food producers, for obvious reasons, are subject to highest and most stringent quality requirements, which also include active risk factor minimization. With this in mind, MARTOR KG of Solingen has developed a new series of "metal detector-responding” cutters especially designed for use in the food processing industries. This NEW development is, in fact, based on production floor-proven original MARTOR Cutters, now featuring metal detector-responding qualities along with stainless "food contact approved" blades.
The MARTOR-Combi is one of the members of this new generation of cutters designed for effortless cutting of thick plastic sheeting material and strappings. The integrated metal slitter cuts easily any adhesive boxing tape without damaging the goods inside. If this cutter is accidentally lost during a production run, it will be readily spotted by the metal detection unit of the production line. Better still - and depending on the quality of the metal detection system - even fragments of these NEW MARTOR Cutters will not escape undetected. Reliable identification and removal of any such foreign matter not only protects the consumer but, also, expensive production machines and systems. The use of these NEW MARTOR Cutters will certainly help to safeguard consumer health, producer image and to prevent legal risks otherwise resulting from foreign matter inclusions!