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DUAL MIRROR Aluminzed Fabric

Gentex Dual Mirror Aluminzed Fabric

Keep your cool when the heat is on!

Gentex first developed the technology of combining metals with fabrics in the 1950's for U.S. Military researchers probing the upper atmosphere. Today, our aluminized fabrics are still made in the USA and are principally used in garments worn by firefighters and industrial workers operating in high heat environments worldwide. Additionally, new industrial and commercial insulation applications drive our product development team to match innovation to customer need.

Gentex Dual Mirror® Aluminized Fabrics have proven to be superior in both performance and cost effectiveness in the most demanding applications. Currently, a wide selection of aluminized fabrics are available: all manufactured to stringent ISO 9001 standards.

Flexir™: The latest addition to the aluminized family of fabrics

Gentex Performance Materials introduces Flexir, the latest generation of infrared heat reflective textiles.

Discover the Dual Mirror® Difference

A metalized aluminum surface has proven to be the most effective flexible barrier for stopping radiant (infrared) heat. The mirror-like surface reflects radiant heat away, rather than allowing it to be absorbed by the fabric.
Our proprietary Dual Mirror system incorporates a proven five-layer structure which ensures a high level of abrasion resistance so that the fabric remains highly reflective after repeated use. The five layers consist of an outer layer of aluminum, protective film, a second layer of aluminum, heat stable adhesive and base fabric. These layers combine to form a single fabric. Following are the primary attributes Gentex Dual Mirror Aluminized Fabric has to offer:

  1. Unique five layer structure for maximum reflectivity and durability

  2. Most efficient high temperature barrier material

  3. Reflects 95% of infrared heat

  4. Specifications our fabrics meet:

    • NFPA 1976, Proximity Firefighters Outer Shell requirement

    • NFPA 701, Flame Resistant Textiles, Films

    • European Standard (EN) for Protective Clothing

    • MIL-C-87076A

    • MIL-C-24929A

    • ASTM F955-85

Flexir™ , a new line of Dual Mirror Aluminized Fabrics by Gentex Corporation.