Master Lock


MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin - Master Lock is offering a new single-piece, covered padlock wall station that is virtually indestructible and offers the ability to limit access to authorized users only.
This new series of wall stations is designed to stand up to use in an industrial setting and features a unique hinge that allows the cover to be opened and held in the "open” position for easy access. In addition, the cover can be closed and secured with a Master Lock combination padlock, which helps prevent loss of valuable safety lockout padlocks and ensures padlocks will be available for lockout when needed.
The patent-pending wall station comes with a choice of Master Lock Xenoy 410RED, laminated steel 3RED or American Lock Aluminum 1106RED padlocks or unfilled. The wall stations are available in a four-lock set (No. 1482B), 10-lock set (No. 1483B) or 20-lock set (No. 1484B). The mounting holes for the 10 and 20 lock stations are spaced 16” on center to allow mounting to studs.
The Wall Stations are part of the Safety SeriesTM lockout products and padlocks from Master Lock. For more information visit the web site at www.masterlock.com. Inquiries should be sent to Commercial Safety & Security Department, Master Lock Company, P.O. Box 927, Oak Creek, WI 53154.