Dauphin HumanDesign® Group GmbH & Co. KG

Dauphin HumanDesign Group underlines its ergonomic expertise

· Trade-fair stand to focus on correct physical posture at work
· “Tec profile” industrial chairs: ergonomic seating for laboratories, clean rooms and production/assembly areas
· Other new products: the Dolphin ergo-stool and innovative Actisit mobility chair

Offenhausen, September 2009 – Dauphin HumanDesign Group GmbH & Co. KG, Offenhausen is to feature at this year’s A+A trade fair in Düssel-dorf. It will be presenting its sophisticated ergonomic solutions for indus-trial workstations at Stand 7aH24 in Hall 07a from 3 until 6 November. At the heart of its stand will be the “Ergolab” facility with various meas-uring devices to visualise people’s sitting habits. Malte Lenkeit, Ergonom-ics Consultant at Dauphin, explained: “Many well-known organisations already rely on the Ergolab as a way of preventing illnesses and improv-ing employees’ health. At the A+A, we will present our ergo tools and use them to explain the latest findings from the field of seat research. The current focus is on achieving the correct physical posture when sitting, with biomechanics playing an increasingly important role.” One of the many highlights on show at the stand will be the “Tec profile” range of industrial seating. These hardwearing chairs are made from special mate-rials and designed to meet the strict safety standards found in industrial environments. The range of products on display will be rounded off by other new additions such as the Dolphin ergo-stool with its characteristic ergonomic saddle seat and innovative seat-tilt system or the Actisit mobil-ity chair.

In the Ergolab, Dauphin has brought together three ergo-tools – the “Ergo-Mouse”, the “Mini-EMG” and the “eyeSeat”. The aim is to bring ergonomics to life and show the link between people’s sitting habits and the high-quality mechanisms of office and industrial chairs. Using experimental measuring methods, employees’ sitting habits are analysed and clearly documented. At the A+A, Dauphin will use this set of tools which is so highly valued by com-panies and public bodies to show visitors how to achieve the correct posture when sitting. According to the latest findings from the field of seat research, achieving the correct physical posture depends not only on the ergonomic properties of a chair, e.g. the design and position of operating levers or its look and feel, but also on its biomechanical properties. “By bringing dynamism to the sitting process, a sophisticated chair mechanism helps to ensure the correct physical posture,” explained Lenkeit. “For example, the ErgoMouse shows how a suitable mechanism and the correct chair settings can take the strain off the spinal column. According to many occupational health practitioners and safety officers, this prompts many employees to look at their sitting habits and avoid incorrect postures in the future.”

New products at the A+A

Dauphin will be presenting its “Tec profile” range of industrial chairs at the fair. These are suitable for use in a range of environments including produc-tion/installation areas, health and beauty salons and even laboratories and clean rooms. Seating in these areas must be particularly robust, easy to oper-ate, easy to clean, hygienic, ergonomic, safe and versatile. Dauphin is there-fore offering a new fabric for its innovative chair range. Nanovel is water and stain-resistant and is pleasant to the touch. It is particularly hardwearing, easy to care for, and resistant to wear and tearing. As a result, it is ideal for use in very demanding work areas. The company is also offering the “Tec profile” chair with a new imitation leather cover for medical use. The cover is resistant to disinfectants and, thanks to its roughened surface, is easy to clean and pre-vents slipping. A full PU (polyurethane) cover is now available too. This has neither gaps nor joins, making the seat even more hygienic and easier to clean. It also features a novel undulated finish to prevent slipping.
The latest findings from the field of seat research have gone into many other Dauphin products including its innovative Dolphin and Actisit ranges. The Dolphin ergo-stool is specially designed to cater for professions which require a higher seated position as well as great freedom of movement. The stool is tailored to the specific movements of this group of users. For example, an in-telligent seat-tilt system allows users to bend far forwards or backwards whilst sitting, without getting the feeling that they could tip over. The characteristic saddle seat is anatomically modelled, based on a range of pressure measure-ments taken when sitting. The attractive, comfortable stool is stable when in use, yet mobile when needed thanks to castors. It provides a convenient and safe way for industrial workers, doctors, hairdressers etc. to move from one area to another without having to get up.

Another innovative product to be presented at the trade fair is the new Actisit mobility chair. For disabled people, the versatile chair is a means of transport and a stand-up aid in one. It encourages people who would otherwise have limited mobility to move around whilst enjoying an active seated posture.