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Detection of Delta9-THC in Saliva vs Time when using the Rapid STAT

The delta9-THC concentration in saliva of five donors was examined with the Rapid STAT and GC/MS after their consumption of Cannabis (1 Joint, 0.3 gr). 100 % conformity was detected between the results of theRapid STAT and the GC/MS measurements. At the beginning of the test phase all donors were negative in saliva. The observation period was max. 10 hours after consumption. Saliva samples have been collected with the Rapid STAT collector after 05, h, 1 h, 2 h and 3 h after smoking. All Rapid STAT tests were evaluated with the MAVAND Desk READER.
A medium concentration of (465 +/- 185) ng/ml THC was detected 0,5 h after consumption. This concentration decreased during the examination to 9,8 +/- 2,5 ng/ml delta 9 THC after 8 hours. .
Counting back the trend line to the time of consumption (time = 0), a medium contamination of THC=(978 +/- 380) ng/ml can be expected in saliva.
With the Rapid STAT detection of THC is assured until 8 – 10 hours after consumption. Regarding a higher consumption of Cannabis positive results can also be achieved until 16 h after consumption.