Devold of Norway A/S

Devold Power - protection against coldness and flames

Devold Power is interlock knitted from 100 % pure merino wool. This knitting structure in combination with the incredible merinofiber results in a soft and comfortable garment. Devold Power is designed with focus on both functionality and comfort. Theese garments can meet the most demanding requirements, and provides a high protection against coldness even when it’s wet. Merino wool is a highly hydrophilic fibre with great absorption capacity. Merino absorbs and releases moisture to cool or heat up the body, and works naturally with your body’s heating and cooling system. In addition to its natural moisture transporting properties, merino wool also provides the best protection against coldness and heat.

Devold Power is Zirpro treated to give extra flame retardent properties, and Basolan treated to mimimize shrinkage.

The garments are machine washable, and can be tumbled dried at low temperature