Miltex GmbH

Dirt-trapping systems

The first impression is the most important – first impressions begin at the entrance and last forever. With the Miltex dirt-trapping mats you can make your entrance look its best and leave a perfect impression. It is right here that the mats scrape off and trap undershoe dirt and keep the entrance area and the whole building a lot cleaner.

Dirt-trapping and wiping/scraping systems help lower cleaning and maintenance costs and at the same time reduce slipping hazards or injuries due to wet and dirty floors. The dirt which is not tracked into the building in the first place does not have to be removed. In addition to this, the mats improve the cleanliness of the flooring in the rest of the building and reduce wear. Miltex mats are able to absorb impressive amounts of dirt and dust while they keep up their attractive look at the same time. The dirt-trapping mats are extremely durable and resistant to wear. Cleaning is easy and even after a long service life, the mats still look like new.