Disability and Health and safety

People with disabilities should receive equal treatment at work. This includes
equality regarding health and safety at work. Health and safety should not be
used as an excuse for not employing or not continuing to employ disabled
people. In addition, a workplace that is accessible and safe for people with
disabilities is also safer and more accessible for all employees, clients and
visitors. People with disabilities are covered by both European
anti-discrimination legislation and occupational health and safety legislation.
This legislation, which the Member States implement in national legislation and
arrangements, should be applied to facilitate the employment of people with
disabilities, not to exclude them.

A helpful factsheet has been published by the European Agency for Safety and
Health at Work entitled Ensuring the health and safety of workers with
disabilities which addresses issues of equality in the workplace explaining
arrangements to facilitate the employment of people with disabilities.
It covers:

  • legal requirements including risk assessment;
  • consultation;
  • emergency procedures;
  • equalities training; and
  • general advice on providing reasonable accommodation and a safe workplace
    for disabled workers

Further Information

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