Discussion on First-aid at Work

The British Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is seeking opinions on the
regulation of first-aid at work, a duty every employer ­ and every
self-employed person too - has to comply in their workplace.

Earlier this year HSE published the results of research that gave valuable
insights into how employers currently meet their obligations and also workplace
attitudes on the effectiveness of the current legislation.
The Discussion Document asks fundamental questions, for instance, is the
current legislation the most appropriate and cost effective way of delivering
first-aid provision to employees? And why are many employers experiencing
challenges in understanding their duties under the Regulations?

It also specifically seeks views on:

1. extending the application of the Regulations to members of the public;

2. the content and structure of first-aid training and the issue of training

3. the approval by HSE of first-aider training courses;

4. the provision of first-aid equipment, medications and related medical

Further information

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