Scott Health & Safety Ltd.

Distinctive Safety With New Protector Zone Ear Defenders

On stand A51 Hall 6 Scott Health & Safety will be exhibiting Protector Zone - an innovative range of hearing protection which incorporates noise blocking, active listening and FM/AM radio to suit a wide variety of applications and user preferences.

Produced in distinctive safety colours (yellow, orange and red) and sequentially numbered (1,2 and 3) for instant identification it is easy to select the right Protector Zone product to ensure the correct level of hearing protection for every situation. Protector Zone’s highly visual colour scheme not only contributes to improving the visibility of the worker in industrial environments, it also enables supervisory managers to instantly identify that workers are wearing adequate levels of hearing protection for a designated noise zone.

Ease of selection is a key feature, which reduces the risk of under protection, resulting in hearing damage and over protection that can result in workers feeling isolated, failing to hear vital warning signals, or even having difficulty communicating.

The range features models with passive, active listening (Alert Zone) and inbuilt AM/FM (Focus Zone) radio protection options, to encourage appropriate selection for the application and exposure duration. Workers with excessive levels of hearing protection often feel isolated and are more likely to remove ear defenders, exposing the inner to irreversible damage, which should be totally avoidable if the appropriate product is selected in the first place.

The Protector Zone range is ideal for use over long durations delivering a balance of comfort and safety. Lightweight designs with soft, supple cushion materials provide for an effective and essential seal between the face and ear defender.

With regular maintenance, the range of Protector Zone ear defenders will provide consistent high calibre performance over the product lifetime. A universal maintenance kit is also available that includes replaceable cushions and first stage acoustic foam liners. Self-adhesive antibacterial hygiene pads can be easily fitted to absorb excess moisture thereby extending ear cushion life and improving hygiene by preventing dirt and bacteria build up.

Available in helmet mounted, headband or neckband versions, Zone ear defenders are approved to acknowledged global protection standards (CE, ANSI & AUS/NZ). The Zone range offers total flexibility and can be integrated with head, face and eye PPE for comprehensive protection in many applications.

Full details of the new Protector range of ‘Zone’ ear defenders is available from Scott Health and Safety of comprehensive information can be found at www.trust-scott.com