Doing the Right Things Right

The words "doing the right things right" are ascribed to W. Edwards Deming, who
was recognized as the father of quality control management. During World War
II, Deming was in charge of quality control programs for the War Department.
Quality control was thought so important at the time that it was classified
"secret." After the war, many Free World manufacturers went their own way as to
quality. Deming was called to Japan, where he assisted that nation's
manufacturers in setting up their quality programs, which proved to be very
good indeed.

Doing the right things right in safety is also an important consideration. An
online article of Stevenspublishing shows how to do a good service to our
managers when we help them understand that safety is a primary care of

Safety is one of the four great cares of management, which may be listed as:

  • Production control
  • Quality control
  • Loss control (safety)
  • Cost control.

These "cares" are so intertwined and interconnected that when we make a change
in any one of them, we often have some effect upon the other three.

The article lists some tips that may help organizations achieve better results
from their safety efforts. For example it should be an answerable question how
the safety program has saved the organization money this year. If it is not,
changes need to be made.

  1. Make use of management principles in safety.
  2. Broaden the definition of accidental loss.
    • Safety: A Management Function
    • Safety Must Support the Organization
    • How Do We Do Safety?
    • Making a Safety Work Guideline

  3. The Payoff

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