Don't set yourself up for a fall

The transport industry continues to have one of the worst records for major
injuries due to falls from vehicles during the loading and unloading of goods.
Every year thousands of workers are seriously injured after falling from their
vehicle. It is vital that those who work in the transport industry take this
issue seriously. A majority of falls lead to serious injuries that affect
workers and their families. Simple sensible precautions can avoid these
incidents and the distress they cause. Those who buy and manage the many fleets
of workplace vehicles up and down the country have an opportunity to set a real
leadership example.

The Brtitish Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has started an awareness
campaign that aims to help those who are responsible for buying and managing
workplace vehicles with simple steps that can be taken to improve the safety
of vehicles:

  • Vehicles should be well maintained and checked regularly

  • Procedures for loading and unloading should avoid the need to work at height
    where possible

  • Floor surfaces should be anti slip when possible, or, slip-resistant footwear

  • If work at height is unavoidable steps, platforms and other safety equipment
    should be provided

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AplusA-online.de - Source: Health & Safety Executive