Dräger Safety AG & Co. KGaA

Dräger Parat 3100 and 3200 filter self-rescuers

Designed in cooperation with the customer

For such situations involving the release of hazardous gases and vapours in industrial environments the Dräger Parat filter self-rescuer provides protection against a whole host of gases and vapours for an escape time of at least 15 minutes.

Reference customers and professional associations were involved in the intensive development process for the new Dräger Parat 3100 and 3200 filter self-rescuers right from the outset. The Parat 3100 and 3200 are the direct successors to the proven Parat 1 and Parat 2 industrial filter self-rescuers.

There are two different versions of the Parat 3000, both featuring the ABEK 15 multipurpose filter approved in accordance with DIN58647 Part 7:

  • Dräger Parat 3100 - half mask with quick-lock mechanism: particularly suitable for untrained persons who have little or no experience of respiratory protective equipment and its use.

  • Dräger Parat 3200 - mouthpiece-noseclip combination: recommended particularly for persons with beards and/or spectacles, for persons experienced in the use of
  • respiratory protective equipment and familiar with dealing with very high contaminant concentrations.

The Dräger Parat 3000 industrial escape apparatus is designed especially for use in the chemicals industry, the petrochemicals industry and in oil and gas extraction and processing.