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Dräger X-plore 1300 - focus on user comfort and easier handling

Dustier and dirtier workplace environments are leading to increased risks of respiratory ailments. To meet these demands, Dräger Safety has developed, with the focus on comfort and easier handling - to meet end-user needs.

For protection in dusty environments there are 5 different masks to choose from in protection levels FFP1 - FFP3.

The 2 available FFP1-level masks, X-plore 1310, have a secure foam nose pad to ensure a good seal and are available with or without climate control comfort exhalation valves.

The FFP2-level masks, X-plore 1320 have an extra wide nose sealing strip to ensure leak-free sealing in the nose area and textile, elastic head straps for added comfort. The X-plore 1320 filtering face pieces are available with or without exhalation valves.

For the highest level of protection, FFP3, there is the X-plore 1330 series. X-plore 1330 is available in two different sizes: small/medium, and medium/large for an optimal fit. There is a built-in all around comfort face seal to ensure a secure seal with extra comfort. A comfort exhalation valve, accommodates easy breathing. In dusty environments where nuisance odours exist, the X-plore 1300 Odour Stop is the perfect solution.