Draft Metals Risk Assessment Framework Released

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a "Draft Framework for
Inorganic Metals Risk Assessment" to provide guidance to scientists in
assessing the human health and ecological risks associated with inorganic
metals and metal compounds. The draft framework is available for public comment
through Jan. 18, 2005. Many EPA programs make decisions on whether and how to
regulate metals, particularly controlling releases to the environment and
establishing acceptable levels in air, water, land and other media. EPA
continually updates scientific guidance documents such as the metals framework
to ensure that the agency's regulatory actions are based on sound science. The
framework presents recommendations for conducting metals risk assessment;
including tools, methods and data for conducting human exposure and health
assessments. In developing the framework, EPA consulted extensively with the
scientific community and stakeholders. Scientific papers were prepared by
outside experts working in cooperation with EPA scientists to provide
information on key metals issues such as environmental chemistry, exposure,
human health and ecological effects, and bioavailability and bioaccumulation.

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