Dramatic effort to help young prepare for the workplace

On the IOSH Conference 2003 speaker Bronwen Freake discussed a curriculum
project to prepare young people for a safe work experience.

At its core the project set out to

- help young people to recognise hazards;

- assess the risks involved; and

- have the confidence to communicate their safety concerns to colleagues.

The project comprises a dramatic production, which is the centrepiece of the
project and accompanying workshop sessions. Theatre in education is used to
deliver the means to develop the skills, values, attitudes, knowledge and
understanding to help young people to avoid potentially dangerous situations.
Workshops led by the actors encourage group discussion, allowing thoughts and
feelings to be explored in an atmosphere of trust and tolerance, securing
values such as assertiveness, self-confidence and self-esteem. Communication
skills are practised affording them the ability to handle difficult situations
and reject inappropriate behaviour.

The objectives of the project are:

- To show young people that they have a choice and that their decision making has

- To give them the confidence to take individual responsibility for their safety
at work;

- To be able to communicate effectively with others when they have a concern
about their safety or the safety of others;

- To motivate young people towards making safety a priority in their lives.

Further Information

AplusA-online.de - Source: Health and Safety Executive (HSE)