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DuPont™ TYVEK® - personal protection in a range of coveralls

Dupont TYVEK® - personal protection in a range of coveralls

Operating under the umbrella of DuPont Personal Protection, DuPont™ TYVEK offers excellent protection for the wearer against hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, liquids, dry particulates and dirt. Garments made from TYVEK® are ideal for use in factories, warehouses, industrial plants, manufacturing facilities and anywhere else where either skin and clothing - or clean room processes -must be protected from contamination.

What is TYVEK®?
Made from very fine, high-density polyethylene fibres, DuPont TYVEK® brand protective material offers all the best characteristics of film and fabric in one material for the optimal combination of barrier, comfort , durability and cost-effectiveness.

This combination makes disposal, after contamination, practical and avoids the cost and confusion of appropriate decontamination which would be needed for making reusable protective clothing ready for multiple cycles of re-use. Low weight; high strength; puncture, tear and abrasion resistance; vapour permeability; water repellency; rot resistance; and biological inertness are some of the important
characteristics of DuPont TYVEK®. In addition, TYVEK® is low-linting, smooth and opaque.

A variety of finishing techniques including anti-static treatment and softening (for drapability) and special coatings (that give higher levels of barrier protection) allow the product to be fine-tuned to the specific needs of end-users.

Two way protection:
For a whole range of industries like pharmaceutical, food processing, electronics, surface plating and coating it's often not the people so much as the products or processes that must be kept clean and uncontaminated. In cleanroom applications the risk of skin and hair contamination by operators and visitors can be minimized by wearing TYVEK® garments.

Addditional protection against cross contamination:
In many applicaitons, the risk of spreading hazardous chemicals or biologicial substance by the intervention of a person is a key concern. The smooth surface of TYVEK® and the fact that the use of protective clothing made of TYVEK® as a disposable garment is an economical and viable choice. These are key benefits for TYVEK® garments.

General-purpose protection
DuPont PROSHIELD® semi-durable workwear garments are specially designed for the general purpose yet dirty conditions found in many factory environments, workshops, engineering installations, farms and construction sites. Designed to be light and comfortable, PROSHIELD® suits protect from grime and grease, offering resistance against minor non-hazardous splashes and spills. They will not soak up water-based liquids and can be washed at 40C.

DuPont garments made of the various fabric versions used for PROSHIELDÆ, TYVEK® and TYCHEM® garments are available in a multitude of designs, ranging from simple coveralls and tailored suits to ventilated suits with integral visors and boots. Almost all garments are CE certified as chemical protective clothing clothing in the sense of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) of Category III, according the EU Directive for PPE.

A Case Study
Workers at Henkel, UK manufacturer of consumer adhesives and household products
such as "No More Nails", "Pritt", "Solvite" and "Nitromors", use TYVEK® Classic garments to protect them against some of the manufacturing processes at the Winsford plant in Cheshire. Andrew Collinson, Site Safety and Environmental Officer explained, "TYVEK* is now a recognised brand in Winsford and is considered by Henkel and our workforce to be a quality product. The employees find the TYVEK® suits comfortable to wear and also know that the reliability of the garment will keep
them clean and prevent the ingress of any dust powders or chemicals".

Another operation that takes place there is the use of high-pressure water jets to wash out and clean the mixing vessels used to mix the components that make the adhesives. In trials to compare DuPont TYCHEM®F suits with the PVC suits previously worn, the TYCHEM® F suit was lighter, more breathable, more robust and provided a good level of freedom of movement, even with the elasticated cuffs and ankles. With results like these, Henkel has confirmed that Tychem® F will be used in

Which protective garment to choose?

Faced with a bewildering choice of many different protective suits on the market, it is important to check certain performance criteria to ensure the right protective suit is selected. DuPont recommends that checks are carried out on key performance criteria such as protection, durability, comfort, quality, compatibility with other personal protective equipment, environmental compatibility and value for money.

To help you choose the correct DuPont protective gear for your task, DuPont has a team of technical experts who can recommend the best garments to use in specific environments. For details of the Techline Service, call 00 352 021 164 043 or visit www.tyvekprotech.com.

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