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DuPont Personal Protection - Protecting the workforce with the miracles of science

Five product families operate under the umbrella of DuPont Personal Protection. Using specialised materials, expertise and technologies developed over 200 years, each brand offers solutions for personal protection from specific risks and levels of exposure in the workplace. DuPont™ KEVLAR®, NOMEX®, TYVEK®, TYCHEM® and PROSHIELD® integrate the entire portfolio of products and services for Personal Protection against: heat and flame, cut and abrasion, hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, vapours, liquids, dry particulates and general dirt:

Thermal protection Heat & Flame

NOMEX® is the brand name for a family of high temperature and flame-resistant fibres invented and produced by DuPont. The high level of protection provided by NOMEX® is due to the molecular structure of the fibre which means that the heat and flame resistance of garments made of NOMEX® is inherent and permanent.

Specialised NOMEX® protective garments are mostly worn by firefighters, armed forces personnel, and workers in the petroleum, petrochemical and public utility industries. These garments are made of high-tech woven or knitted fabrics and offer high wear-life in certain cases up to 15 years.

DuPont Personal Protection now also offers the same high level of thermal protection in workwear designed for short-term use. NOMEX® Limitedwear offers excellent protection in cost-effective nonwoven Nomex® Limitedwear garments designed to be worn over a short period of time. It provides reliable protection against thermal risks, as well as dirt, for those employed on maintenance or construction jobs in dangerous areas, for disaster-relief workers, for crews on oil rigs, etc - any situation that carries a risk of exposure to hazardous heat and/or contamination by grease and dirt.

Cut and abrasion protection

KEVLAR® brand fibre has become synonymous with lightweight strength and toughness, qualities well suited to high-performance hand protection in many industries and protective garments for police and military, as well as sportswear and sporting equipment.

KEVLAR® Comfort Technology is designed for workers who routinely handle small parts and require a high degree of manual dexterity and flexibility, together with protection against cuts and scratches. The highly resistant yet lightweight and form fitting gloves made with KEVLAR® Comfort Technology enable the wearer to retain the acute sensitivity of touch and ease of movement that the job requires without the risk of injury from sharp glass, plastic and metal edges. They also improve the worker's grip when working with oily, greasy or wet objects and produce a minimum of

KEVLAR® Clean Technology is another solution-oriented approach specific to the electronics, painting, plastics and certain food-handling sectors, where a clean, lint free workplace is critical to product quality. KEVLARÆ Clean Technology. The seamless, filament-knit construction of gloves and other garments made with KEVLAR® Clean Technology meets the highest standards for freedom from lint and dust, including Category III of the U.S. IES RP-3-89 testing protocol, which defines a contaminant-free environment. KEVLAR® Clean Technology also provides outstanding protection against cuts, gashes and high temperatures.

KEVLAR® Armor Technology is a technology-based range of solutions aimed specifically at extremely high-risk situations. Gloves and sleeves incorporating this technology offer exceptional protection, providing workers with the maximum level (5) of cut resistance according to EN 388. This development delivers an option not previously available for workers in hazardous environments who require extremely high protection without compromising comfort and ease of movement. KEVLAR® Armor Technology is designed for those who work around machinery with stationary or rotating blades or who handle glass, sharp and jagged metal objects or dangerous abrasives, yet must have the manual dexterity to handle knives and small electronic parts.

High level protection for hazardous and chemical environments

While TYVEK® offers excellent protection in medium to high risk working environments; for increased protection against ultra-fine dusts and powders, water-based salt solutions and concentrated inorganic acids and bases, TYCHEM®"C garments are recommended. TYCHEM®C fabric comprises a substrate of DuPont TYVEK® with the addition of a special polymer coating.

TYCHEM® "F" garments offer excellent protection against a wide range of organic chemicals and concentrated inorganic acids and bases. These garments are made with DuPont TYVEK® F, a tough, lightweight fabric consisting of DuPont TYVEK® laminated with a barrier film.

TYCHEM® TK gas tight suits offer protection against highly corrosive gases, liquids and solid chemicals. TYCHEM® TK consists of two high strength, high tear resistant, non-halogenated barrier films separated by a nonwoven polyester staple fabric.

Protection from dry particulate and water-based chemicals

Made from very fine, high-density polyethylene fibres, DuPont TYVEK® brand protective material offers all the best characteristics of film and fabric in one material. Low weight, high strength, puncture, tear and abrasion resistance, vapour permeability, water repellency, rot resistsnce, and biological inertness are some of these. In addition, DuPontô TYVEK® is low-linting, smooth and opaque.

A variety of finishing techniques including anti-static treatment and softening (for drapability) and special coatings (that give higher levels of barrier protection) allow the product to be fine-tuned to the specific needs of end-users.

Protective coveralls made of DuPont TYVEK® offer excellent barrier protection, durability, comfort and fit. TYVEK® garments can be used to protect the wearer in environments where the risk of dry particulates, liquid spills and waterbased chemicals as well as grease and dirt are a threat to the health or safety of personnel.

Two way protection:

For a whole range of industries like pharmaceutical, food processing, electronics, surface plating and coating it's often not the people so much as the products or processes that must be kept clean and uncontaminated. In cleanroom applications the risk of skin and hair contamination by operators and visitors can be minimized by wearing TYVEK® garments.

General-purpose protection

DuPont PROSHIELD® semi-durable workwear garments are specially designed for the general purpose yet dirty conditions found in many factory environments, workshops, engineering installations, farms and construction sites. Designed to be light and comfortable, PROSHIELD® suits protect from grime and grease, offering resistance against minor non-hazardous splashes and spills. They will not soak up water-based liquids and can be washed at 40*C.

DuPont garments made of TYVEK® and TYCHEM® garments are available in a multitude of designs, ranging from simple coveralls and tailored suits to ventilated suits with integral visors and boots. Almost all garments are CE certified as chemical protective clothing in the sense of personal protective equipment (PPE) of Category III, according the EU Directive for PPE.

Which protective garment to choose?

Faced with a bewildering choice of many different protective suits on the market, it is important to check certain performance criteria to ensure the right protective suit is selected. DuPont recommends that checks are carried out on key performance criteria such as protection, durability, comfort, quality, compatibility with other personal protective equipment, environmental compatibility and value for money.

To help you choose the correct DuPont protective gear for your task, DuPont has a team of technical experts who can recommend the best garments for protection against specific chemicals, biological pathogens, dry particulates, liquids or general dirt. For details of the Techline Service, call 00 352 021 164 043 or visit

For more information on KEVLAR® and NOMEX®, please visit www.kevlar.com or www.dupont.com/nomex.

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