EP: Moves to standardise labour law governing road transport

The Transport Committee of the European Parliament has adopted on 5 November a
report by Helmut MARKOV (EUL/NGL, D) considerably altering the Commission
proposal for a regulation to harmonise social legislation on road
transportioner. The proposal seeks to clarify, simplify and update the rules
and exemptions governing driving time, rest period and breaks. It also
introduces a harmonised system of penalties and defines the road transport
sectors to be covered by the regulation. The overall aim is to ensure that
liberalisation of the road transport industry is counterbalanced by
standardised labour legislation. This report under the codecision procedure,
first reading, is on the agenda for the January plenary session in Strasbourg.

Further information

European Commission, Directorate General Energy and Transport http://europa.eu.int/comm/dgs/energy_transport/index_en.html