EU - Commission follows formal objections to PPE standards

The European Commission has applied restrictions to two PPE standards with
regard to the associated presumption of conformity to which they give rise,
thus responding to objections raised by the OH&S lobby.

If electrostatic material is employed in respiratory filters, the performance
of the filter may drop suddenly during use. This drop in performance is not
however detected reliably by the test requirements of EN 143:2000, "Respiratory
protective devices ­ Particle filters", and no requirement exists that users'
attention must be drawn to the hazard in the user information. With respect to
these two points, the presumption of conformity was therefore restricted.

EN 420:2003, "Protective gloves ­ General requirements and test methods" was
published with the restriction (Official Journal of the EU, C 306, 2 December
2005, p. 25) that the presumption of conformity is subject to the test method
for chromate being applied such that a detection limit of 3 mg/kg or less is
attained, and not one of up to 10 mg/kg, as could be inferred from the standard
in its current form.

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AplusA-online.de - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work