EU - Special report, Young workers: health at risk

Official figures for 2005 report approximately 193 million workers in the
European Union (EU). A little more than 20 million of these are young workers
aged 15-24. But the number of young people with some experience of work is much
greater. Most 15-24 year-olds are still in education. For some of these ­ and
all students in technical and vocational education ­ this includes work
experience training. Also, a large percentage of students and schoolchildren
have more or less regular part-time jobs to earn some money of their own. This
makes it impossible to put precise figures on the number of young workers in

Health and safety at work data on young workers is very patchy. More or less
systematic data are compiled on reported work accidents, and these show a very
clear general trend: young workers are more than averagely at risk of work

In the latest HESA Newsletter a special feature focuses on 'Young workers:
health at risk!' with the following articles:

  • Health and work in the 'contingent' generation
  • Take-away food, throw-away jobs
  • Learning about risk prevention in Peugeotland
  • Young workers: work-related risks and ergonomics
  • Working children in Europe

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