EU Agencies launch campaign - "Whatever you do, we work for you"

"Whatever you do, we work for you". This new slogan will launch the first joint
campaign to inform European citizens about the activities and services of the
decentralised EU agencies in November 2006.

From Stockholm to Crete and from Lisbon to Warsaw some 28 EU agencies have been
established to provide service, information and know-how to the EU Member
States and their citizens.

The agencies are involved in many and varied activities. Improving the
environment, protecting health, contributing to food safety, making
transportation safe, processing trade marks, supporting training and education,
strengthening and consolidating multilingualism, ensuring security and justice
and looking after fundamental rights.

Each agency is unique and fulfils an individual function. Some answer the need
to develop scientific or technical know-how in certain fields others have the
role of integrating different interest groups and thus facilitating dialogue at
European and international level.

With more than 2,500 staff and significant budgetary resources, the agencies
and their activities have become central to the operations of the European
Union and they play a key role in the implementation of EU policies.
President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, underlined the
central role of the decentralised EU agencies at a meeting earlier this year:

"The agencies are our satellites ­ picking up signals on the ground, processing
them, and beaming them back and forth. Through their activities the agencies
contribute to making "Europe” closer to the European citizens and hopefully
easier to understand, and I consider this as being of utmost importance”.
The November campaign has two elements: An advertising campaign in a number of
in-flight magazines Europe wide and a joint publication on the activities of
the agencies across Europe.

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