EU agency report on achieving risk reduction in SMEs

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, by means of a small European
funding scheme, has provided potentially around 700,000 small businesses with
information to help them reduce risks to health and safety resulting from their

The Agency has published the report - Promoting health and safety in European
small and medium-sized enterprises: SME Funding Scheme 2002-2003, relating
information on more than 50 projects. Topics covered include chemical hazards,
stress-related illness, prevention in high-risk sectors such as agriculture and
construction, and the promotion of a preventive culture.

Typical of projects receiving support included:

a project in Luxembourg developed a method of analysing the risks to which
people working in crèches are exposed; notably lower back pain from bending and
lifting. Problem areas were identified, a guide to good practices developed and
training for staff provided;

in Denmark, a hospital department of occupational medicine set out to reduce
knee problems by showing how floor layers could cut down the time spent putting
undue strain on the knees. They trained instructors to use new tools that
allowed much of the work to be carried out standing up. These instructors could
then train operational floor layers on a region-by-region basis.

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