BT Deutschland GmbH

Electric counterbalance-trucks by BT

BT CARGO electric range features AC power throughout

The entire CBE range, which includes models with capacities ranging from 1.2 to 2.0 tonnes, now benefits from the better handling and lower operating costs that AC power brings.

AC technology upgrades the trucks’ performance, versatility, and driver-friendliness, by improving acceleration, braking, steering, and direction control. As they have no carbon brushes, AC trucks require significantly less maintenance than equivalent DC models. Furthermore, the introduction of CAN-bus technology throughout the range allows digital data exchange between electrical components. The standard oil-immersed brakes, which are up to a 35% cheaper to maintain, minimise the amount of service needed and guarantee progressive, easily-controlled, efficient retardation.

CBE 1.2-2.0 T & F AC POWER
These new three and four-wheel models are now available with optional steering control on a multifunctional armrest, by means of fingertip levers or two mini-joysticks. This feature offers easy, intuitive control requiring minimal operator effort. Forward and rearward drive are selected using the buttons on the armrest;. The horn button is also on the armrest, and therefore very easy to reach, for maximum safety.

CBE T & F AC POWER models are versatile and are easily adapted to any application. There is a choice of three different performance levels, two pre-set, and one programmable, selected using convenient buttons on the steering column. The new models also have a state-of-the art parking brake, with release lever ergonomically placed underneath the steering wheel. The step giving access to the driving position has also been improved, to reduce operator fatigue.

Another useful item of the truck's equipment is its battery charge status and reduced lifting power indicator; the battery is protected against total loss of charge and consequent damage. Once the 20% charge level is reached, the lifting power is also cut.