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Electrical arc resistance of textiles

Electrical arc resistance of textiles

according to ENV 50354:2001-03, extended with heat flux measurement

Method 1 - Testing of material
Method 2 - Testing of clothing

Document CENELEC ENV 50354:2001-03 Standard "Eletrical arc test methods for material and garments, for use by workers at risk from exposure to an electrical arc" (Box-Test CENELEC) with additional calorimetric heat flux measurement according to Document IEC/TC 78/359A/RVC date of circulation: 2001-03-23

Test conditions arcing:
· Arc short circuit current (prospective electric current)
4 kA (corresponding to class 1 of ENV 50354)
7 kA (corresponding to class 2 of ENV 50354)
wished test class to specify by applicant
· Arc duration: 500 ms
· Voltage of open circuit: 400 V AC (50 Hz)
· Copper- / aluminum electrodes, electrodes gap 3 cm
· Electrodes distance to sample: 30 cm

Test criterions:
· Burning time: less than or equal to 5 s after exposure to the electrical arc
· Melting: no melting through to the inside of the material, except holes, as defined below
· Hole formation: maximum 5 mm holes, measured in any direction
· Heat flux: no exceeding of Stoll curve 2nd degree burning for 4 samples
· Function of closures: at garments test method 2