Enjoy your work, its good for you

A British report entitled - Is Work Good for your Health and Well-being?,
confirms that work is indeed beneficial to health and longevity.

Academics searched through 400 pieces of scientific evidence to be able to
confidently report that being out of work is bad for both mind and body,
progressively damaging health and decreasing life expectancy, and is associated
with adverse health effects such as mental health problems, an increased
likelihood of suicide, disability and obesity.

Conversely, being in work is good for your physical and mental health, boosting
self esteem and quality of life.

The reviewers discovered a lack of understanding among healthcare professionals
of the benefits of work, which is to be addressed by a series of initiatives to
help engage, educate and support GPs and other healthcare professionals of the
long-term consequences of signing patients off sick.

The findings support the European Government's commitment to helping more
people enter into, remain in, and return to work, including the British Welfare
Reform agenda, which aims in the UK to reduce reliance on incapacity benefits
by 1 million, assisting 1 million older workers and more than 300,000 lone
parents into work.

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