Environmental protection in Metals Production and Processing plants

The British NetRegs website - a free to use site aiming to help small and
medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) - has published a new guide for businesses
working in the production and processing of metals. The gudiance shows how to
comply with environmental legislation.  In addition, good practice guidance is
provided which, if followed, will help to reduce the impact, or risk of impact,
of your business on the environment.  These guidelines are produced for
businesses involved in:

  • the production of ferrous metals;
  • the production of precious and non-ferrous metals;
  • forming processes for iron and steel;
  • wire drawing; and
  • metal casting.

Advice is givven how to avoid or minimeze the following key environmental

  • noise from materials handling, rolling mills, billet casting and air
    extraction equipment;
  • emissions to air from scrap preparation, furnace fumes, dust and finishing
  • discharges of contaminated water from material decontamination, cooling and
    wet scrubbing processes;
  • wastes from refractories, slags, fluxes, bag houses and electrostatic
  • land contamination from oily residues and, potentially, the historical use of
    the site; and
  • energy consumption by furnaces, air-handling equipment, motors and drives.

Further info

AplusA-online.de - Source: NetRegs